I know it sounds absurd, but please tell me who I am

Greetings Audience,

As with the appalling weather I bravely faced today to have a look at my new place of residence (apparently nicknamed the “Theatre of Dreams” by the last resident, which my dad said has some affiliation with Manchester United), I had some rather interesting music appear on my mp3 today. A lot of it reminded me of my parents.

Now, my parents are going to help me move so I love them very very much!! And here is an interesting load of song lyrics that made me either laugh, sing out loud (to the annoyance of the general public when I was on the train) or made me very thoughtful.


Now my journey wasn’t nearly as glamourous as this one looks, but this looks lovely. The view from the train window I looked through was hazy and wet.

Firstly, Supertramp!

Now I titled this post with the lyrics from ‘The Logical Song’, which is a childhood favourite and very much made me want to learn the saxophone. I do really enjoy the tone of the songs by Supertramp, they sound very playful and very whimsical in many ways, and it also sounds nothing like any music that is produced today. That is one of the main appeals of them for me, as I pretty much hate any modern mainstream music. Another song that I listened to today was ‘Goodbye Stranger’

“You can laugh at my behaviour,  that’ll never bother me. Say the devil is my saviour but I don’t pay no heed.”

I generally love singing this line of this song. It is just so cool sounding. For the “I don’t care” part of me that wants to sing this aloud to everyone, and just pay no heed to what people think of me and what I do. This song makes me think of my dad, who is very much a person who doesn’t give a flying monkey about anything anyone thinks of him. He will do whatever he wants, and some of my friends have seen this stupidity firsthand.


The Supertramp album that I have – a greatest hits of some kind. It is very enjoyable to listen to.

Now, moving on to other songs. My mum has a rather eclectic music taste: from Plan B to Metallica to the creepy 80s music she listened to back in her day. Now, the music I am going to delve into here is what I like to refer to as “that electric keyboard weirdness you liked to play in the car as a kid.” This music is not so much for the lyrics but by the actual sound of the instruments. The keyboard takes a centre stage for most of these I believe. I am not pretending to be knowledgeable of music by no means, but the lyrics mainly aren’t anything special, but the sound, the tone, the rhythm and the pitch are very interesting and also very played around with. Now, this song will be demonstrated with a Tears for Fears song, ‘Mad World’ which was on this very album.

“And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

And this is a song, particularly, that gets me thinking. If compared to the Gary Jules version which is ultimately more depressing, this song, despite its lyrics, still sounds more upbeat than some of the morbid emo music that I have heard in my time. I like this song – and this song actually stopped me singing and made me look out of that train window and think.


I remember this album being so very pink I thought it would be very girly. And then being pleasantly surprised by the weirdness of it all.

I love my mum and her music tastes. I mock her endlessly about it! I love my parents, and I hope that moving out doesn’t destroy their souls too much, haha! They’ll have the time of their lives with only one of their annoying daughters living with them. And that’s because they can’t legally kick her out yet. Either way, moving on to a new chapter in my life and a very cute apartment in Worcester city centre with a silly moron from university and a job in a library. What a successful conclusion to university life, and an interesting start to real life.

And as a disclaimer, I reached no spiritual conclusion from my gazing out of the window either, as I write this, I have no memory that I was even thinking at all! And I have ruined any hope I had of sounding smart, sophisticated and spiritual with that last comment. Ahh well, can’t hide the truth – I am just too insane to sound dignified!

Signing out,



Maester Seymour’s stomach seriously freaks me out

Greetings Audience,

I recently started playing Final Fantasy X again, got bored with my original game and the constant leveling up, so I started a new game. I am at Guadosalam, and I can be perfectly happy gaming, except every time Seymour shows up, he makes me physically sick. I have this reaction every time. He didn’t need to speak, they didn’t need to play his theme music, just looking at him and you know he is the villian. And this is the main point: Seymour’s stomach is just damn creepy. It means I do miss some parts of the on screen graphic fun because when he is around, I am nervous in case a flash of him appears when I am not fully prepared and I see his stomach exposed by that hideously revealing outfit. TIE YOUR ROBE MAN! I’m surprised more children are not frightened away by him (not that he has been close to many children in the game, except maybe Rikku). Now for those of you who know the game, you know I have seen him a lot already and have plenty more opportunities to see him still, but I am complaining now because I had to witness that scene in which Seymour first asks Yuna to marry him (blech!) and he is leaning close towards her, whispering in her ear. How she managed to stay there, not be sick, cry or run away is beyond me. I’d probably do all three! However, I refuse to put a picture of the monstrosity on here, so I went with some more interesting and impressive art pictures.


Yuna looks very pretty in this picture.

Now, despite the linear story and plot holes, there are many things I enjoy about this game. One of the ones I want to touch upon, both positively and negatively, is the Farplane. Now, for all the FFX nerds out there, and any who happen to come across this, please let me know your position when it comes to the Farplane.

Personally, the idea of it to me is somewhat sinister. Seeing the shadows of the people that once stood beside you, this whole religious feeling it creates in me. I am not against religion, people can worship what they want, but my main wish about this is that they would explain it in further detail. I watched the Spoony Experiment review of this game and he was right in that it really is not explained well. What is its purpose? Why is it there? What does it take to access it? I would have thought that queues would be all the way down the Thunder Plains to get in this place, so why aren’t there any? Yevon supports its use right? The other thing is that they don’t talk, so you just see images of them. That isn’t useful is it? You would have thought the all powerful Farplane which houses all the dead spirits would at least be able to be interactive. Otherwise, there really isn’t too much point to it, it is useful as spheres in recording images of loved ones.

It could be such an interesting highlight to the game, but it is not nearly utilized as much as it should be. I don’t count FFX-2 in this because frankly that game is only tolerable for the comedy it provides!


Powerful concept art image. I wish there was more detail to the Farplane.

Overall, I would be delighted to know what people think of this game. It is an old one, but of course the new HD version will soon be available – not to me though, I have no decent console of this modern era – and I do love it. I enjoy a good debate!



The start of it all

Greetings Audience,

Regardless of the fact that I know that no one will actually bother reading the accounts of a girl like me, self-professed insanity rendering unnatural redhead with an anime and manga addiction, I mean there are hot blondes with pictures trailing all over the Internet for god’s sake, I just thought it was about time I do something like this. In an attempt to get everything off my chest, to poetically put it, if you want to hide a book, put it into a library. I can be the master of my own monologue and not have to worry whether or not people read it. I am even planning to place a link to it on my Facebook, to prove that no one, not even my friends will probably bother to read this. However, I am perfectly content knowing that the plethora of useless words and information that needs an outlet will be ignored by all, and maybe one day utilized when my trial is brought before the public media in several years time. Of course, I say I will get a trial, but I may not even be caught for the crime in the future my being is telling me I am going to commit. It may even be this blog, it could be a crime to be as useless as I.

Onward though, I plan to write down all the wondrous thoughts of a person like me who has nothing to lose, nothing to gain, and certainly nothing to brag about on to a stage such as wordpress.com. I am not a fan of either Twitter or tumblr, so I believe that this is the stage in which to use my new found freedom of expression. Without further ado, this is my first post. It serves as a disclaimer, I guess. There is probably no useful information other than a good laugh at my expense. Some people enjoy that after all. Also, I think I will constantly address my posts to an Audience, albeit it not actually existing. I don’t need to give a reason why, since no one is actually asking!

Signing off for now,