The start of it all

Greetings Audience,

Regardless of the fact that I know that no one will actually bother reading the accounts of a girl like me, self-professed insanity rendering unnatural redhead with an anime and manga addiction, I mean there are hot blondes with pictures trailing all over the Internet for god’s sake, I just thought it was about time I do something like this. In an attempt to get everything off my chest, to poetically put it, if you want to hide a book, put it into a library. I can be the master of my own monologue and not have to worry whether or not people read it. I am even planning to place a link to it on my Facebook, to prove that no one, not even my friends will probably bother to read this. However, I am perfectly content knowing that the plethora of useless words and information that needs an outlet will be ignored by all, and maybe one day utilized when my trial is brought before the public media in several years time. Of course, I say I will get a trial, but I may not even be caught for the crime in the future my being is telling me I am going to commit. It may even be this blog, it could be a crime to be as useless as I.

Onward though, I plan to write down all the wondrous thoughts of a person like me who has nothing to lose, nothing to gain, and certainly nothing to brag about on to a stage such as I am not a fan of either Twitter or tumblr, so I believe that this is the stage in which to use my new found freedom of expression. Without further ado, this is my first post. It serves as a disclaimer, I guess. There is probably no useful information other than a good laugh at my expense. Some people enjoy that after all. Also, I think I will constantly address my posts to an Audience, albeit it not actually existing. I don’t need to give a reason why, since no one is actually asking!

Signing off for now,



4 thoughts on “The start of it all

  1. ‘Regardless of the fact that I know that no one will actually bother reading the accounts of a girl like me’
    Now that, my dear friend, is where you are wrong. I happen to think that there will be many a person sat waiting for the next addition to the ramblings of a Fruit Basket (see what I did there?!) such as yourself. I know I will most certainly be one of them 🙂

  2. I so did not bother to read this. 😀

    (also, I applaud you for not being a fan of tumblr, once again we are alike! \o/ However, I must say that Twitter is a good place to stalk people who post interesting Nana related news/pics xD)

  3. Regardless of the fact that I know that no one will actually bother reading the accounts of a girl like me

    Derp. Well, I wanted to make a joke, but the above commentor already took care of that so…uh…

    Welcome to blogging :p

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