Maester Seymour’s stomach seriously freaks me out

Greetings Audience,

I recently started playing Final Fantasy X again, got bored with my original game and the constant leveling up, so I started a new game. I am at Guadosalam, and I can be perfectly happy gaming, except every time Seymour shows up, he makes me physically sick. I have this reaction every time. He didn’t need to speak, they didn’t need to play his theme music, just looking at him and you know he is the villian. And this is the main point: Seymour’s stomach is just damn creepy. It means I do miss some parts of the on screen graphic fun because when he is around, I am nervous in case a flash of him appears when I am not fully prepared and I see his stomach exposed by that hideously revealing outfit. TIE YOUR ROBE MAN! I’m surprised more children are not frightened away by him (not that he has been close to many children in the game, except maybe Rikku). Now for those of you who know the game, you know I have seen him a lot already and have plenty more opportunities to see him still, but I am complaining now because I had to witness that scene in which Seymour first asks Yuna to marry him (blech!) and he is leaning close towards her, whispering in her ear. How she managed to stay there, not be sick, cry or run away is beyond me. I’d probably do all three! However, I refuse to put a picture of the monstrosity on here, so I went with some more interesting and impressive art pictures.


Yuna looks very pretty in this picture.

Now, despite the linear story and plot holes, there are many things I enjoy about this game. One of the ones I want to touch upon, both positively and negatively, is the Farplane. Now, for all the FFX nerds out there, and any who happen to come across this, please let me know your position when it comes to the Farplane.

Personally, the idea of it to me is somewhat sinister. Seeing the shadows of the people that once stood beside you, this whole religious feeling it creates in me. I am not against religion, people can worship what they want, but my main wish about this is that they would explain it in further detail. I watched the Spoony Experiment review of this game and he was right in that it really is not explained well. What is its purpose? Why is it there? What does it take to access it? I would have thought that queues would be all the way down the Thunder Plains to get in this place, so why aren’t there any? Yevon supports its use right? The other thing is that they don’t talk, so you just see images of them. That isn’t useful is it? You would have thought the all powerful Farplane which houses all the dead spirits would at least be able to be interactive. Otherwise, there really isn’t too much point to it, it is useful as spheres in recording images of loved ones.

It could be such an interesting highlight to the game, but it is not nearly utilized as much as it should be. I don’t count FFX-2 in this because frankly that game is only tolerable for the comedy it provides!


Powerful concept art image. I wish there was more detail to the Farplane.

Overall, I would be delighted to know what people think of this game. It is an old one, but of course the new HD version will soon be available – not to me though, I have no decent console of this modern era – and I do love it. I enjoy a good debate!




One thought on “Maester Seymour’s stomach seriously freaks me out

  1. Why do we agree on all of this too? XD Every time I play FFX I keep yelling about Seymour’s stomach because it really is disgusting. I was so happy to be finally rid of him. Also yeah, FFX-2 makes me a sad panda, it could’ve been so much moooreeee…. and different. ; ; I think Square-Enix should just leave these sequels from FF and do more main ones instead. It is also very curious how quite well-built stories in games usually have one major loophole (and then others not so relevant or noticeable) that just makes you wonder why nothing’s been done about it. Like here it’s the Farplane. Another that comes to mind is Heavy Rain where a little kid is stuck in a sewer thing and the rain is filling it with water – why doesn’t he die of hypothermia?

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